March 21

Important Items A Beginner Pilot Should Have

Once you have decided on aviation as a career, there are a few things that you should always keep on yourself. You will undergo a few changes when you’re preparing to be a pilot. You will have to become more responsible and commanding as it is your duty to keep the passengers and the aircraft safe from harm. You will be constantly in a state of self-improvement. The more experience you get, the more knowledge and training you obtain. This is how you develop your skills as a pilot.

A kneeboard is where you can organise your maps and checklists when you’re in a small aircraft. They are basically clip boards that you keep important documents on that you have to strap above your knee. There are also advanced versions that will allow you to keep a number of items on it such as pens, other stationary, iPads etc. The main idea of the kneepad is to keep everything you need on you so that it is easily accessible. A flight bag will help you keep a lot of the items you need such as aviation headsets, maps, plotter, books etc. It will make it easier for you to carry your essentials. This is quite different from duffel bags and backpacks as there will be special pockets and slots for you to keep a variety of equipment. It will also be spacious enough to store your items safely. You will be able to manage your items much easily by carrying a flight bag. Looking for a good quality aviation products you can go here for more details.

An E6B is used to calculate navigational course, estimated flight time, wind correction, fuel burn etc. It’s a very interesting gadget that has a lot of complicated numbers but you will quickly figure out how to use it once you’ve been properly tutored. Another important item is aviation headsets. It’s also one of the most useful items. There are different types of headsets with varying levels of quality. You may not be able to afford the best quality headset but you can upgrade from time to time as you are able. Quality headsets come with comfort, good sound quality, noise protection, noise cancellation and a multitude of other features.

Flying in day time and night time can be quite different and have their own difficulties. When you’re flying at night, you can get a red headlamp that will help your eyes become acclimated to the new condition. White lights can be blinding and a little harsh on the eyes. A plotter is needed to measure and calculate the details of your flight route. You can get either plastic or metal plotters. You should also keep a logbook with you to record your flight hours and training details.

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