November 18

How To Build A House: A Step-By-Step Guide

You are on the stage of starting to build your own house. Assuming that you have already selected a suitable location site for your home, successfully completed an on-site land survey and come up with an architectural design for your future home that you’re are pretty impressed and pumped about. Building your home is no doubt going to be exiting for you, with full of anticipation of how it all is going to span out in the end. Here is an overview of what to expect during the various phases of construction which will help you to keep in touch with every key stage.

Clearing the Site and Laying Foundation

Preparing the site and pouring the foundation are generally done by the same crew of constructors as the beginning stage of building the whole complex. Earth moving tools such as dozers are used here. Later, paths and holding locations should be cleared to move in raw materials needed for construction. A heavy rigid truck hire in Melbourne can be done to bring in Sand, Concrete, steel rods and other essentials. Then Iron rod frames are build and concrete is poured in to them to lay down the foundation for the upcoming structure.

Complete wall framing, plumbing and wiring

The next step is putting up walls by the use of skeletal framing. Generally a wood and iron caging is used here to help keep the walls upright. Then, Plywood or blocks of cement is used as preferred to fill up the walls. As this process goes on, Electric and plumbing contractors simultaneously start their work on running plumbing and wiring through interior walls, water and waste disposal drains, ceilings and floors. Electrical switches and fittings are also placed appropriately while sinks, bath equipment and taps will also be placed together with the plumbing. Visit this link for further information regarding cheap forklift hire.

Lay the Roof

Laying on the roof is usually done in line with the previous step. The most preferred type of roofing will be used to cover up the housing complex. Technicians will carefully place the roofing tiles adjacent to the walls with steady slopes which would lead to an optimum water drainage. The type of roofing used will largely determine the temperature levels within your house. So keep it at the back of your mind.

Finish off the Interior and Exterior

The Final step which you would have to go through is going to be one of the most exciting. This stage determines how your house is going to look. From the paint to doors and windows and then moving on from how the floor is going to be laid down to the way how the ceiling is going to look, all these comes down to the decision and preference of the owner. Go through these steps to finish off the look of the new house and then a final walkthrough to ensure anything isn’t left to spare.

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