September 30

Planning A Fairytale Prom Night

Prom, short for promenade, is one of high schools most important rites of passage. It is a magical night that bridges the end of an era and an unknown future. Typically held at the end of senior year, a prom is held to symbolise the stepping stone from school life to adulthood. Being on the prom planning committee is a great opportunity to bring to life an incredible one of a kind event, however, planning an event as big as prom can take a lot of work, dedication and planning. First you will want to create a checklist and a budget. Second allocate sub committees for fundraising, decorating, catering and entertainment. Here are some information regarding limo hire on this link

How to get it started?

Firstly, you would need to pick a theme. Make your theme one that would be easy to bring to life and would create a magical experience for your classmates. For this example, we will go with a Cinderella’s ball themed prom night.

While deco is an important element to bring your event to life, it is not vital to spend a lot of money on it. Ask your decorating subcommittee to assign duties to a few creative classmates to hand make decorations. For a Cinderella theme, you could be creative, use pumpkins – real ones, and create horses out of paper pulp, and use tiaras. As a backdrop, you may carve a pumpkin carriage out of regiform and cover it in cheap rhinestones available by weight at any craft store.

Although it is not customary for the prom committee to organize transportation for prom goers, it would be a lot of fun to speak to a company that hires cinderella limos and ask them for a special price on behalf of the school. You may give your prom guests the option of grouping up and hiring one as their ride at the special rate.

As an additional surprise for your guests, you may speak to the company and request that each guest is offered a glass of non-alcoholic sparkling wine during their ride in the cinderella limo in Gold Coast in order to make your prom guests feel extra special. The little things make a world of difference.

Hiring a professional photographer can cost thousands. Alternatively you could speak to your committee about anyone they may that is interested in photography. An individual interested in a career in wedding photography would be more than happy for the opportunity to cover your prom event in exchange for being able to use the pictures in a portfolio.

Things to consider when ordering Catering

Remember, your guests are not attending prom to eat. They are there to dance and have fun. While sufficient drinks are of utmost importance, a range of finger food would be more than adequate. Make sure you order a range of food that would suit specific dietary requirements. Keep in mind that a meat eater, a vegetarian and a vegan would be able to eat a vegan spring roll however a vegan, a vegetarian nor a person allergic to seafood would be able to eat a prawn pie. You do not want any of your guests to have to stay hungry so be mindful when ordering.

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